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    July 25, 2012 by Ben Goldsilver

    Hey all, I am on vactioin right now and will not be very active on the wiki. I will come back August 4 and i will be able to help out and talk more. I won't be on pirates at all either, my computer that i brought doesn't have internet. So i can't play pirates. See you all soon, Ben Goldsilver

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  • Ben Goldsilver


    May 26, 2012 by Ben Goldsilver

    There are three different types of loot you kind find. First there's the loot pouch which usally gives common or crude items.

    The second is a chest which usually gives gold, common, rare, and sometimes famed.

    Skull chest are third and the best. Skull chest give good loot like gold, rare, common, famed, and even legendary.

    Note: all items can give crude, common, gold, famed, rare, and even legendary.

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