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aka teh nostalgic

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  • I live in in nostalgialand
  • I was born on February 5
  • My occupation is nostalalgizing
  • I am a Nostalgic
  • Blau Wolf XIII

    Shutdown of the Wiki

    January 24, 2013 by Blau Wolf XIII

    Enough drama has been committed, everyone will be advised to stay off. Anyone who contributes will be banned. The wiki used to be great, but on September 1st, ironically the German Invasion of Poland, is an invasion of inactivity for us. We have suffered the torture of Nazi Inactivity Warbones has brought to us. I suggest a new wiki be created and this one be abandoned to burn up the bad memories.

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  • Blau Wolf XIII

    Close Down

    December 1, 2012 by Blau Wolf XIII

    Since this wiki has crumbled and much, I will probably resign and head to my option 1. Goodbye,


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  • Blau Wolf XIII

    To add Germany, I will shift the map to modern times, though the time will be set at the 1700's.

    As an extra note, the Germans on this wiki will be German here and Swiss for Mass Roleplay.

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  • Blau Wolf XIII


    Yes Christmas, the most expensive holiday and preumeably the most favorite. I decided to change the colours yet again. To theme the Holiday

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  • Blau Wolf XIII

    I want to put the stupid Imperial-Swiss wars behind me with the Rest of the Contributors. For this act Imperial Military will not have war with Switzerland, and will be returned back to the 1700's, all gained land up the war point will still be in Imperial Hands,

    IF you are confused with anything just say so.

    -Signatures of People who want this

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