Seeing that we are countlessly in war and seeing that the other roleplaying are in 1700's I take to more suitable standards of a time shift. AKA Meaning we have thought into an air force which is not ahievable in the 1700's. So the timeline will be shifted. Also to think of the matter, also due to the matter that in non-roleplay we are friends we have agreed with this term. Gooday, the Imperial Military as of now will be set in the 1900's.

NOTE: Call us what you want anytime but we are alone in these matters.

-Screen_Shot_2012-08-18_at_9.08.29_AM.png 01:46, November 5, 2012 (UTC)


-Mr. Cooleo


-Imperial High Command

-Imperial Senatorial Council

-Imperial Governemental Temrs

-Pacifist People

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