Hello wikians! I am here to hold a debate about whether to keep badges or not. Please list your information correctly ( correct information order will be below ). Also there wll be ' Why Support ' and ' Why Not Support ' headings below that will help you decide.

Sign Up Information

Don't worry about the sign up info being long or so. I intend to make it short, easy, fast, and fun :). Alert: Please know that this debate will last for 10 days ( June 3rd - June 13th ), please be aware of this time.

(Name)(Wiki Name)(Support or Not Support)


Joe, JoeIsCool, Support

Also you can use a + for support or - for no support.

Why Support?

You should support because,

You won't feel like doing all these complicated things around the wiki. You won't feel sad if someone overranks you in the leaderboard. You won't need to worry about coming to the wiki every single day to fill in time for badges.

Why Not Support?

You should not support because,

You will have something to do on the wiki. You can have a chance to be #1 of the whole wiki! You'll be inspired to edit, add pictures, etc.


Please note that this if you support you do not want badges.So that also means Oppose means you do want badges. Please note this, as most users usually do the opposite.

Wrap Up

Just have your name wiki name and a + or - below. You can also add additional commenting to it below, feel free to ask me questions about this debate. Choose a wise answer and hope for a better wiki! Also when the debate is over I will post a ' Badge Debate Aftermath ' when the debate is over. Thank You for your support and have a good day, Fair Winds!

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