Hello wikians! I will be hosting a debate that talks about the best ship in POTCO! All you have to do to get your vote in is just say the ship name below! I will not be posting information about the ships, sadly, I will have a vote tally below to keep up with the votes. This debate will last for 10 days ( to June 13th ) so please be aware. Thank you for your support to this blog and have a good day! Please notice that for example LS would stand for Light Sloop.

Vote Tally

If the L is the first letter its Light, If the M is the first letter its Merchant, and If the W is the first letter its War. Note: the following letters posted will be the second letter. S = Sloop G = Galleon F = Frigate and B = Brig.

LS: 0

LG: 0

LF: 0

LB: 0

MS: 0

MG: 0

MF: 0

MB: 0

WS: 0

WG: 0

WF: 1

WB: 1

Wrap Up

Please vote before time runs out! I will be posting an aftermath on June 13th when the debate is over. The aftermath will state the winner(s), you also do not have to vote in this debate. Thank you for your support and have a good day!

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