I see lots of people working hard for admin and bureacrat. I also see some that get it just like that, I believe Tyler Crossbones, and Me Deserve our Rightful Promotions. I'm almost to 1,000 Points in Badges and #1 in Leaderboards, and Tyler Crossbones has Very Similiar Stats as well. I have well over a 1,000 edits, Tyler may only have over 100. Though he was a Former Admin, and he has Higher Edits than a Bureacrat Even. Tyler and Me have Invited lots of people, Promoted Roleplaying on The Wiki, We both Spent Several Months on the Wiki ( He's been longer than me though ), and Also we have Helped this wiki get on the Right Track to be one of the best. To Top this I will have a Vote, If the Votes are For Promotions, I Expect to See Promotions or I might just Leave this Wiki due to Stubborn Bureacrats, and UnLawFul Administration ( Some admins such as Ben have been doing well, but others can do better ).

Should Tyler and Blue Get Promotions?

The poll was created at 16:55 on October 27, 2012, and so far 5 people voted.

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