Foulberto Smasho Raid

'ello Mates, You know Mr. Foulberto Smasho? Do you know that he Drops Famed, and Legendary Very Often? Well its time we Get that Precious Loot from his Belt. I am hosting a Foulberto Smasho Raid, it will be Directly After The Wiki Tormenta Raid 2. If you are Interested in Joining, Sign Up below,( Note: If you wish To Join both of These Events, you Will have to Sign Up on Both of Them. ) After the Tormenta Raid, we will head Straight to Foulberto Smasho. Here are the Details,
Screen Shot 2012-07-23 at 2.39.30 PM

Foulberto Smasho Lv50 Ghost Boss.

Important Info

Who: Captain Warbones' Wiki's Wikians

What: Foulberto Smasho Raid

Where: Raven's Cove, Abassa Ocean.

When: After The Wiki Tormenta Raid 2

Why: To get Famed/Legendary Goods.

How: Once Again, I Just Can.

Here is a Walkthrough on how to Get To Foulberto Smasho.

  • 1. Get To Raven's Cove By Boat.
  • 2. Then Walk Up The Bridge.
  • 3. Then Walk By The Barrels.
  • 4. Walk Through The 1st Blown Up Barricade.
  • 5. Walk By The Crates.
  • 6. Walk By The 2nd Blown Up Barricade.
  • 7. Walk By The Destroyed House.
  • 8. Walk By The 3rd Blown Up Barricade.
  • 9. Walk Past The Jail.
  • 10. Walk Past The Building.
  • 11.1 Walk By The House, And The Rock.
  • 11.2 Walk Around The Destroyed House, And The Tailor Shop.
  • 12. Then Walk By The 4th Barricade.
  • 13.1 Walk By The Bar.
  • 13.2 Walk By The Gateway.
  • 13.3 Walk By Crazy Ned.
  • 13.4 Walk By The Fisher's House
  • 14. Walk Through The Cave-Like Entrance
  • 15. Walk By The Crashed Ship.
  • 16. Walk By The Gypsy House.
  • 17. Follow The Railroad Until The Rocks On The Right Disappear.
  • 18. Go Around The Buldge On The Right ( That The Rocks Make ) ,And Fight The Bats.
  • 19. Go In The Door To The Cave Of Lost Souls.
  • 20. Go Through The Hole To Your Left.
  • 21. Go Through The Tunnel.
  • 22. Keep Going Through The Tunnel.
  • 23. Keep Going Until You See Foulberto's Minions.
  • 24. Go Past His Minions And Prepare To Fight Foulberto Smasho Himself!

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