Hello Mates, Some of you have been wondering " What is the ' Secret Branch ' ". Well im about to tell ya!

The Secret Branch is Called the SIA, like America's CIA, or Britian's M15 or Russia's KGB or like those secret government agencies type of thing!

SIA stands for Secret Imperial Agency

The Ranks are the Same as the Imperial Military but Instead of a President, and Vice President

Its the Cheif Director, and Vice Cheif Director

Also the Admirals and Gernals Change too!

Admirals to Director, Generals to Vice Director

So Keep that ' Cheif ' In Mind!

Thats all, have a wonderful day, a page about the SIA will be posted soon enough.

Good Day!

Screen_Shot_2012-08-18_at_9.08.29_AM.png 14:06, August 24, 2012 (UTC)

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