'ello Wikians, if you have read J.R. Imp's blog post called ' Warning on Public Ships ' on the POTCO wiki you will understand this more. But either way this is a little info scoop about Soloman. Soloman is part of Ocean's Cult and may be a bad player for cheating in the game. Below will have info about him, please feel free to add any more if you wish too.

Soloman (Base Pirate)

  • Solomon is a very strong ( healthy ) evil-doer.
  • Solomon is considered armed and dangerous.
  • Evil Solomon
  • Evil Solomon

Soloman (Ships)

  • Solomon's War Frigate
  • Solomon's Sloop
  • Solomon's Galleon

Soloman (Skills)

  • Soloman's Sword Skills
  • Soloman's Gun Skills
  • Soloman's Dagger Skills
  • Soloman's Grenade Skills
  • Soloman's Staff Skills
  • Soloman's Voodoo Doll Skills
  • Soloman's Cannon Skills
  • Soloman's Sailing Skills

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