Wiki Rules Organization Plan

'ello Wikians, I would like to create some rules for the wiki, so there can be order. Please comment what rule you want below, every now and then I will submit the rules to Captain Warbones. Please do not submit the rule(s) to him directly, if you do I will just submit the rule with others to him repeating that rule(s). You can submit more than one rule to me at a time, there will a ' Rule Field ' below that will shows the current status of the rules.

Rule Field

Below will be ' Green ', for rule accepted, ' Yellow ' for rule has been submitted but hasn't been chosen. And ' Red ' for rule rejected, also I will have ' Blue ' for not yet submitted, please do not get angry if you get a red or anything. I will submit the rules every time I see one.


Yellow: Category Rule ( Blue )



Rule Submission Organization

I would prefer you to have your submitted rules like this. (Name)(Rule)-(Description of Rule), for example: Bob, Picture Rule - I would like to make a picture rule, that if someone submits a picture, it has to be examined by you. Please do not make your rules as ignorant as this one.

Wrap Up

Please notice after a while, I will make this into a page. This page will stay permanent, so all wikians can come by to see it in the future and so. Fair Winds, and have a Good Day!

--Blue_sig..png 15:15, June 9, 2012 (UTC)

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