Wiki Tormenta Raid!

'ello Mates, I will be hosting a Wiki Tormenta Raid! Sign up below to join in on all the fun. Explore Tormenta and see parts of The Flying Dutchman! Also beat up tons of different enemies along the way of the invasion. Don't be surprised to get the best loot ever, for it will be the best! Join in, and have an adventure of total fun throughout the island! Below is the information about the raid. See you there :)!

Raid Information

Who: Captain Warbones' Wiki Wikians

What: Wiki Tormenta Raid

Where: Cortola Ocean, Isla Tormenta

Why: To have a blast!

When: On Saturday June 9th 2012 12:00 PT 1:00 MT 2:00 CT 3:00 ET

Sign up below by just saying your in! Easy as that!

Wrap Up

Have a good day, and after the raid I will be posting another blog post called 'Wiki Tormenta Raid Aftermath ' with a slideshow of loot some photos and more. Don't forget to sign up below to enter in all this exciting fun. Fair winds and have a good day!

--Blue_sig..png 19:03, May 28, 2012 (UTC)

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