Wiki Tormenta Raid 2

Ok, our last Tormenta Raid was dead and didn't happen, if it did happen then this will be Wiki Tormenta Raid 2! Twice as Long, Twice the Fun, Twice the Enemies, and who of course couldn't forget TWICE THE RAIDING!!!! Yes this is Blue2095 here bringing you Another Tormenta Raid, the date is not planned yet, so theres lots of time to sign up! I will also post a Wiki Tormenta Raid 2 Aftermath. To Sign Up, say so below in the Comment Field. With That, Fair Winds!

Important Info

Here are some Important Info for this Raid.

Who: Captain Warbones' Wiki's Wikians

What: Wiki Tormenta Raid 2!

Where: Isla Tormenta, Cortola Ocean

When: Planning Time

Why: To have Fun!

How: I just can

Note: Anyone Who Does Not Sign Up, Will be Unable to Join, And/Or They Will Not Be Featured in Wiki Tormenta Raid 2 Aftermath. Those who Do Sign Up WIll be Able to Edit Their Very Own Heading in The Aftermath. You will Be Able to Post Loot Pictures, Describe How Fun it Was, or Give a Breif Story About The Adventure. Some Things Will be Screenshoted in Isla Tormenta, Such as Davy Jones' Ship, The Gold Room, Thrall City, etc. Notice: Only Blue WIll Take These Screenshots, Anyone Who Uploads Any Pictures, Will Get Notified Not To, and Their Picture Will be Deleted. Thank you and Have a Great Day!

- Still Need POTCO Sig.

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