After my inactivity from this wiki due to overwhelming role-play issues, I now return to the wiki with the intention of expanding our users, adding to pages, and helping with some coding. It's an honor to be back.


Recent role-play issues have been overwhelming, keeping me from editing on this wiki (which I use for a break from the stressful role-play world). I apologize to those of you who thought I have gone inactive for good. I lost a month of helping the wiki, and now I aim to get it back!


I believe that now that I have come back, I would be eligible to return to my former rank of administrator. I believe I am suited to be one, as I have been one of the longest members of this wiki, and I am ranked 4th on the leaderboards (The only regular member of the wiki to be in the top 5)


I believe that it is necessary to restore our wiki to it's former glory. Our Cap'n has sadly gone inactive from Wikia and POTCO; and 95% of the current activity are comments & Role-Play, which our founder did not make this wiki for. I believe that with a little work, we can turn this wiki around. RESTORATION 2012!!!

On Final Note

Finally I would like to encourage all members of our community to help and fix this wiki. We need to step up our game, get some good coding, and get organized. Together, we can do what's right!


Tyler Crossbones, Former Administrator.

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